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We’ve made a secure cloud protection without breaking the bank a reality. Experience the power and simplicity of our integrated solutions designed to strengthen your defense
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We’ve designed our product especially for SaaSes so that their founders, clients, and investors are provided with complete peace of mind when it comes to data security. By purchasing our subscription, you’ll receive the following benefits:
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$ 30
Try free trial 7 day version of Oasis Defender
Per month billed monthly
$ 25
Per month billed annually
Safe 20% discount!
Clouds have everything except security. Using multiple clouds increases the chances of data leak
Inability to show how the sensitive data is protected, which leads to lack of trust to the company
Every cloud service has its own native interface, which makes it difficult to manage. The absence of visualization makes it almost impossible
Inability to maintain a cloud security specialist as a full-time team member due to budget constrains
Securing entire cloud infrastructure across multiple cloud providers
Showing potential clients/investors that your sensitive data is safeguarded
Making cloud security visualized and easily manageable
Using AI-driven solutions
Providing you with affordable cyber security means
Total cloud security
Visualizing existing security
Centralized security controls
You receive centralized management, consistent security policies, seamless integration, scalability, advanced threat protection, compliance support, and network segmentation across multiple cloud platforms for unified security
Visualize the network structure created by multiple clouds, create groups and apply traffic filtering rules that affect multiple cloud providers. The product enables you to analyze existing or new connection rules in terms of best practices and consistency.
Bringing together security information from different cloud services into one place. This makes it easier for companies to keep an eye on all their cloud systems, spot any dangers, and react fast if something goes wrong.
Al-driven configuration analisys
Saving the budget
Advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms detect security flaws in configuration files and provide appropriate remediation suggestions, minimizing potential damage.
The average salary of a Cloud Engineer in the United States is around $90k-$150k a year. With Oasis Defender, your cloud security will cost you $300 a year.
By incorporating Oasis Defender, your investors/clients are sure about the protection of the sensitive data. Thus, you gain trust.
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